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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Layer of Profit

You may of seen my write up on the  1 point wins tipster service, well today I bring you a review on a service which may seem similar, but really isn'tt (except it also makes a decent profit!).  Layer of Profit, is a service which concentrates on finding horses which are low odds, but more than likely to lose their race, these are sometimes referred to as ‘false favourites’ let me explain about laying horses;
With Betfair and Betdaq (see ‘bookies’ section) we can now play the role of the bookmaker on the exchanges and bet on a horse to lose. There are many tipsters who will tip very long priced horses. Yes, they are very likely to lose. But if they go on and win… ouch, you will be liable for a considerable amount of money, for example;  if we were to lay a horse at odds of 27 for £10, if the horse lost, we would win £10 (minus betfair/betdaq commission) if the horse was to win, we would be liable for… £260!! Obviously this is an extreme example, but I use it to highlight the importance of finding horses which are short odds. Otherwise picking ten losing horses in a row (and making good profit) could be completely ruined by choosing just one horse which went on to win.  When the betting exchanges first started, I admit, I fell for the above. I kept laying very long priced horses. And got away with it for ages and ages. Then suddenly lost £1297 wiping out all my previous profits and more! This hasn’t put me off laying horses. It’s actually a big part of my income, as I’ve now learnt the importance of ‘false favourites’. So what is a false favourite? Well this is a horse which is very short odds (thus limiting our liability) but one we believe unlikely to win the race. This could be due to any number of factors, such as weigh carried, the course, distance, going etc. (see the ‘Choosing False Favourites’ eBook for more info) I do chose my own horses to lay, when I have the time. It is a very time consuming process, and you need a lot of PATIENCE and DISIPLINE. I’ve trialed countless different laying systems and found only ONE which is genuinely a very good service.
Right, here comes the review; Layer of Profit concentrate solely on finding ONE lay a day. This highlights what I said earlier about the immense levels of patience and discipline needed to profit from laying horses.  Layer of profit email you with their selection and you then need to place your lay bet with either Betfair or Betdaq (see Betfair v Betdaq post) Layer of Profit guarantee to never send you selections over the decimal odds of 4.0. This is to protect your betting bank, and ensure you generate long term sustainable growth of your account. If in the unlikely event the starting price of your selection is over the odds of 4.0 then they will advise you to let the bet go ‘in play’ that way it will get matched at 4.0.
So that all sounds pretty good right? Well I thought so too. I’ve now signed up with Layer of Profit. There’s a 7 day FREE trial for starters and then it’s only £19.99 a month. Also included is a 60 day money back guarantee. So with nothing to lose and everything to gain it’s a ‘no brainer’.
Thanks for Reading this, be sure to check back soon J

*Update* here are the results for May – September;
May = + 8.52 pts
June = + 9.08 pts
July = + 8.1 pts
August = +15.26 pts
September = + 9.78 pts
5 Months = + 50.74 Pts

So in real terms that translates to a profit of;
£10 Per Lay Wins £507.40p
£25 Per Lay Wins £1268.50p
£50 Per Lay Wins £2537.00p
£100 Per Lay Wins £5074.00p
Impressive hey? Click below to check it out :)

1 point wins

1 point wins

'I have earned £7'363.21 Profit in 10 Months on the horses'

Now, sadly, that isn't me making that very impressive claim! Although, it could have been, if I'd of signed up to this service earlier in the year. 1 point wins, is the name of this service, which is run entirely by professional tipster Andy, a 17 year veteran of the horse racing industry.
Unlike many, many tipster services, Andy is completely open and transparent about his selection results. Even, admitting to ONE, very small losing month this year. This isn’t a service which shouts about a high winning percentage. Although 31.26% is very impressive! This is a service which picks longer odds horses; you won’t win every race, or every other race. But you will make a very good return on your investment. October, was a particularly good month, returning me a profit of just over £500 J. Every morning, I now eagerly await the email to arrive from Andy (usually comes around ten ish) I then put on my bets for the day (see ‘Bookies’ section)
How can I try the service? Well you only need to commit, to the extremely reasonable (some would say cheap) sum of £20 for the first month. Which is half of the gym membership, you remember? The one you signed up for, and never went (yep, me too) unlike a lot of racing services, you won’t be automatically rebilled, forever and a day. You just decide at the end of the month if you want to carry on (I did) anyway I digress slightly, all the financial stuff can be found on the website. I’m just here to do a review, not to try and be a salesman!
P.s I just remembered this line on Andy’s site; ‘If you hit a Single Losing Month during your Subscription, Then I'll Give you 3 or 6 Months FREE!’   
So as you can see, it’s a really great deal!
Thanks for reading this guys, and girls!

Find 1 Point Wins Click Here!
Good luck with your ‘punting’